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Tigerwood becomes the talk of the town in this Bee Cave, TX community

Tigerwood deck in Bee Cave, TX by Archadeck of Austin

It is clearly evident that style and elegance can be contagious. Within the Falcon Head West community of Bee Cave, TX nearly all the residents that live in the same cul-de-sac came down with the same symptoms,  a yearning for the simple, elegant and classic sensibility which entails the desire to have a deck made of Tigerwood.


Design rendering prepared for these homeowners in Bee Cave, TX depicting their future tigerwood deck

These homeowners in Bee Cave, TX  contacted Archadeck of Austin when they initially built their home and once they closed on the house we began work right away on the deck when they moved in. It is always nice to have your entire home ready and waiting when it is time to move into your new house, including any outdoor structures.   The Falcon Head West community is an upscale neighborhood in Bee Cave, TX and has a very hilly terrain. These homeowners decided upon a tigerwood deck because of its classic beauty and sensibility. We built a two-story deck and decked over an existing patio with sleeper framing. The final dimensions in length on this new deck came to a substantial 48′ long.


This photo shows the diagonal design and custom railing on this tigerwood deck in Bee Cave, TX

We installed the decking in a stunning diagonal pattern and alternated 4″ and 6″ boards for even more of a custom look to accommodate the varying widths. The railing is a tigerwood Deckorator panel rail which we constructed on site with black aluminum pickets. We finished up the structure with lattice skirting because this is a requirement within the neighborhoods HOA (Home Owners Association) guidelines. The homeowner opted to stain the new deck himself.

Upon completion of the new deck, four of this homeowners neighbors decided to add a tigerwood deck to their home as well. What is it they say about first impressions? Choosing a tigerwood deck not only adds beauty to your home with the woods natural rich and exotic hues, tigerwood is an example of  classic fine wood at it’s best.


Tigerwood's contagious rich hues and elegance are apparent in this photo

If you are considering a new deck or a re-deck, tigerwood is a stunning option. It is durable, resilient and has rich hues that exude elegance and refinement. Contact Archadeck of Austin to learn more about decks and other outdoor living structures. Call us at (512) 259-8282 or email us at

You can see more or our  breathtaking tigerwood deck designs by visiting our photo gallery at

Archadeck of Austin walks away with gold

Austin deck with stucco skirting

Austin deck with stucco skirting

Each year owners from Archadeck’s around the country, now numbering 58 locations, assemble for a national conference.  One of the exciting things we do is have a design contest.

Design consultants from offices across the country enter their best projects for decks and porches , which were scrutinized by the toughest judges we know – our peers.  The Austin Team has been the recipient of many of these awards in years past and this year was no exception. We took first place on the deck design with a beautiful 3-level composite deck with Fiberon Ipe decking and stucco skirting to perfectly  match the house exterior.

Austin Fiberon IPE deck with planters

Austin Fiberon IPE deck with planters

No project is worth its salt if it does not look like an original part of the home. The Austin Team strives to make this a reality in every job we undertake.  When finished, this deck provided the owners with additional living space that opened up a lovely back yard view, bringing the outdoors in as a significant addition to their living space.  Who wouldn’t enjoy relaxing in some cushy outdoor furniture, drinking a cool beverage, at the end of a hectic day?

Here’s another photo of this lovely deck. Can’t you just see yourself here?
Austin deck seating area made with Tigerwood

Austin deck seating area made with Fiberon Horizon Ipe Composite

Austin deck - Tigerwood deck with IPE deck cover

Austin covered porch – Tigerwood Deck with T1-11 pine siding under the roof, exterior to match the

This is proof positive that design excellence is forefront in our mind.   Our customers get a beautifully crafted, custom designed outdoor living space; professionally managed with a superior level of customer service, and backed by a strong warranty.  For Archadeck of Austin, it’s all about making design a reality and making that lifestyle you want come true.

Archadeck | Outdoor Living – the way you imagined it

Like what you see?  Give us a call and we will be glad to meet you for a free consultation to discuss your design ideas.  Contact us at:

(512) 259 – 8282 • email:

More pictures of our winning designs:

Austin deck multi-level IPE deck with planters and stucco skirting

Austin deck multi-level IPE deck with planters and stucco skirting

Here’s another picture of the second place winner:

Lattice, lattice go away. You can be so passé.

Austin deck skirting - stone

Austin deck skirting - stone

When we think of covering up the unsightly area under our deck, many of us quickly think about heading down to Lowes or Home Depot to grab a few pieces of lattice board and grab the saw, a hammer and a couple nails. Lattice does accomplish a couple objectives. It’s inexpensive. It has ventilation. And, it mostly masks unsightly area under decks.

The biggest problem is it also looks inexpensive – especially if you have a nice, quality, or custom deck. Take a look at the picture below. The deck skirting on the foreground house uses painted hardyboard which looks like stucco to match the house. The deck looks original to the home and maintains the upscale image of the home. The house to the right is also an upscale home but they are using lattice skirting. See the big difference.

Austin stucco deck skirting vs. lattice deck skirting

Austin stucco deck skirting vs. lattice deck skirting

I want to share a couple different options for skirting. The example you see above is a great example of a moderately priced but very upscale looking deck skirting. When you skirt your deck and when you build your deck, you want it to look like it goes with your home. If possible, you want your deck to look original to the home. So, as much as you can bring in elements of the home’s facade, it helps to accomplish that objective.

The above skirting uses hardy board. You can get hardy board with either a wood grain or stucco finish. It can be painted same color as home so it brings  the deck into the back of the house. It’s inexpensive but looks expensive. The outer band line of deck adds a nice clean design to outer levels of the deck.

Solid wood skirting

Another great option is solid wood skirting.

Austin solid wood deck skirting - great for storage

Austin solid wood deck skirting - great for storage

In the example above, the upper level of the deck is quite elevated. The decorative solid wood skirting finishes the deck to continue the upscale look of the deck. It also provides great storage. You’ll want to make sure to build in storage doors. You never want to try to store large items in your garage such as bikes, wheel barrows, or children’s toys. It’s great to have outdoor storage for these outdoor items.

One more option I want to mention in this post is using a stone skirting to match a stone facade of your home. The picture at the very top uses just this.

As you can imagine, there are a range of prices for the various options but there are many good options. If you’re going through the time and expense to have a beautiful custom deck built on your home, make sure to finish with skirting. The icing on the cake are the amazing storage benefits on elevated decks.

Give us a ring to talk about your outdoor project for 2011.



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